Happy new year, everyone. Yes, I’m sorry it’s yet another list, but I’m just taking up another of Lorelle’s blog challenges. Also, I wrote a post that wasn’t a list, which wasn’t too bad, then wrote one that was a depressing rant about myself, thought I deleted the depressing rant, but actually deleted my post about what I learned in 2006! Not a good start to my blogging year!

Anyway, here are 50, yes 50, things I learned last year. Who would have thought it? In no particular order…

  1. There are some wonderful people in the world
  2. The thing you least expect can happen
  3. Kurt Weill was Jewish
  4. It may not be a great idea to write a musical about your colleagues
  5. John Barrowman can sing!
  6. Getting my hair cut was not as scary as I thought it would be
  7. Cole Porter wrote many great songs that I didn’t know he wrote
  8. My husband is very tolerant
  9. I am crueller and more selfish than I thought I could be
  10. Doctors are not always right
  11. My dad has not changed very much
  12. I can be horribly jealous of people without even realising it
  13. It is possible to love and hate someone at the same time
  14. It doesn’t matter if you don’t send every single person you know a Christmas card
  15. The worst sound in the world (that I have heard so far) is a mother crying for her dead son
  16. Music is what makes me feel most alive
  17. Taking the yellow migraine medicine first stops the pain developing. Don’t bother with the pink ones.
  18. I have some very talented colleagues
  19. Malaysia is a very green (as in lush) country
  20. Mr C makes a fantastic curry
  21. Some people are very good at hiding how they really feel
  22. My weakness makes my job harder than it should be
  23. My mum is shrinking (or I’m growing!)
  24. Lots of things about my colleagues since we moved offices, which would be more than 50 items on their own!
  25. Sometimes there really is nothing you can do to make it better
  26. The fur of a Miniature Schnauzer is soft, not wiry
  27. I’m never going to have children
  28. I can hold an alto line on my own
  29. It’s true when they say that you can never remember much about your own wedding
  30. You can’t get a nice house in a nice place around here for £125,000 or less
  31. WordPress is better than Blogger
  32. Life is far too short to argue with people about their library fines. (However, it’s my job, so I will continue to do this)
  33. Cognac tastes disgusting
  34. You can’t dream about someone when you want to
  35. Mr C has more of a social life than I do
  36. I find it very difficult to think of things to blog about
  37. Grief saps my motivation
  38. Creamed coconut is better for curries than coconut milk
  39. Gin and tonic is my favourite alcoholic drink
  40. Drinking when you’re nervous is  not a good idea
  41. I am still not cool
  42. My line manager does not want to give me my appraisal
  43. I don’t really want to do my chartership (but I’ll do it anyway, eventually)
  44. You can learn more about a person by reading his or her blog than you can from seeing him or her at work every day (this could just mean I’m insensitive, unobservant and don’t listen in real life)
  45. My dad’s ancestors came from Kent
  46. I can change the style of my shoes and it’s not a disaster
  47. I can no longer sing the descant to ‘Once in Royal David’s City’
  48. My sister-in-law does not always look perfect
  49. Driving tests are more nerve-wracking than I thought they would be
  50. Ironically, Articulate! is my favourite board game
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