Mr C has his own equivalent of a mind palace (mind ships). I wonder, after watching the last episode of series 3 of Sherlock, if I should be worried about that! Only joking. I think Mr C is one of the least socio/psychopathic people I’ve ever met! He is ‘just’ very clever, and his mind works in a slightly unusual way. Anyway (mainly because of Mr C) I find the concept of mind palaces or their equivalent rather interesting, but this post is simply a few thoughts about the latest series of Sherlock.

I’m just not sure I really enjoyed it. That is, I did enjoy it, but not as much as I wanted to. There were some aspects of it that I really appreciated and found amusing, but I think the main problem I had is that it was too different from the previous two series. The characters didn’t feel the same, particularly Sherlock himself. I don’t really deal with things being different very well, especially seemingly unimportant ‘constants’ like TV programmes, so I suppose that doesn’t help. I just wanted there to be cases to be solved like there were in the first two series…I know there were cases in series 3, but I felt that the episodes lacked the structure that came from the cases in the previous series. I like structure.

I don’t like it when writers make stories to show off their own intelligence. Yes, I know that is sort of the point of writing in some cases, but I don’t think storylines for TV shows should be made unnecessarily complicated just because writers feel the need to show people how clever they are, and I think Moffat et al can be guilty of this – symptoms of such behaviour can be seen in recent episodes of Doctor Who, as well as Sherlock (IMHO).

I don’t really know how to explain my feeling about series 3! How silly of me, as Mrs Hudson would say! Perhaps I’ll watch them again and try and formulate my thoughts after that.

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