We’ve had a few, well, more than a few, hospital appointments since my first update about BabyMouse, so I thought it was probably time for another one. Apologies in advance for any TMI moments in this post.

This week’s  main news, such as it is, is that we had our delivery planning meeting with the specialists obstetrics team and colleagues on Monday. This involved the obstetrician we’ve been seeing in London (cardiac specialist), a cardiologist who works with my cardiologist, an anesthetist and 3 medical students who were there to observe.  Unfortunately, we didn’t reach any concrete decisions, mainly because we need to see whether BM will turn into the ‘correct’ position for delivery. She’s in the breech (feet- instead of head-down) position at the moment. Babies usually turn into the head–down position before their due date, but  I have a unicornuate uterus (this page has a nice illustration, if you’re interested), so she is a bit squashed in and may not have room to turn. The obstetrician thinks the reason she is small is probably also because of the shape of my uterus. If she does turn, they will induce me for a ‘normal’ delivery by 38 weeks because of the Obstetric Cholestasis  (OC) (although the sonographer I saw yesterday thinks it will be before then), but if she doesn’t they will do a Cesarean section, also at 38 weeks. So, again, we will have to wait and see. I was hoping for some more clear cut plans – I like plans – but perhaps that was unrealistic at this stage.

As I mentioned above, we also had another scan with the consultant sonographer yesterday. She was more reassuring this time than last – she said the baby’s head is probably small just because she is a small baby, rather than it being small due to anything more serious (although being a small baby is obviously not ideal in itself if she is too small). So I managed to get home without crying this time…

But when I got home I found a message on my answerphone from one of the midwives at the hospital I’d just been to (I didn’t hear my phone ring!) saying that the mini glucose tolerance test (mini GTT) I had last week showed that my glucose levels are raised so now I have to have the full glucose tolerance test next week to see if I have gestational diabetes! I’m sorry to say this made me quite upset and I did have a bit of a self-pitying ‘why is this all happening to me?/my poor baby’ crying session at that point. It just seems like it’s one (usually bad) thing after another at the moment.  But I felt better after speaking to my mother-in-law (ex-midwife) and reading some posts on Gas And Air, a blog I’ve recently discovered, which helped me feel less alone.

In other news, the OC-related itching has got really bad again at night, so I’m not sleeping very well, which probably isn’t helping my positivity levels!