PhotoHunt: Framed

I might have overdone the frames for this week’s theme! The photo is the middle is a door at Canterbury Cathedral. The ones round the outside, starting at the top left and going clockwise are: the Heilandskirche in Sarcow (sorry website is in German), stonework on Rochester Cathedral, underneath that is my kitchen window, to […]

Spring Harvest inadequately summarised

I went to Spring Harvest (which I keep rather vaguely describing to people as “a big Christian thing”) over the Easter weekend. I would write more about it, but I’m still processing the stuff I learned and experienced, so writing about it in public will have to wait, if indeed this ever happens. In summary, […]

The sink and other Viking-related things

The sink in the picture is in the toilets at the Viking Museum at Borg on the Lofoten Islands in Norway. I took a photo of it because it was the biggest handbasin I’ve ever seen. Much more interestingly, the museum includes a reconstruction of a Viking hall. Unsurprisingly, it reminded me a lot of the […]

Goodbye, QE2

Due to having a husband and a father who are both rather fond of ships, I found myself spending most of yesterday afternoon and evening/night on a ship in Southampton harbour watching the final departure of the QE2 from British waters. It wasn’t exactly my idea of an enjoyable way to spend time, especially as […]


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