Cheerful granny cowl

The pattern is Bee and Buzz’s Easy Peasy Granny Crochet Cowl, and it really is easy! Definitely worth having a go at even if you are a very new crocheter, and it is very good for using up yarn leftover for other projects.

granny cowl 2

granny cowl 1

I’d like to make another one which is narrower and longer, as I like my cowls wrapped around a couple of times, but this one isn’t for me anyway. Hopefully it’s the right length/type for the recipient! I will find out tonight…

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Screen printed mermaid

When I made the screen printed cushion I was given a bag to take it away in –  a paper bag with a screen printed mermaid on it (the theme of the summer’s arty activities at INTRA is Under the Sea). I liked the print so much I decided to frame the bag (or at least the printed part of it). Here it is now, hanging up in the front room:

Mermaid screen print framedMermaid on the wall

I’m not entirely sure that it goes with the other pictures on the wall, but it’s a change, anyway.

Thanks again to Xtina for her lovely print!

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First crocheted wrist-warmers

Following the dubious ‘success’ of the crocheted cowl I made for my friend S, I decided to make her some wrist-warmers to go with it. The pattern is “Wrist Warmers” from Hook, Yarn and Crochet, by Ros Badger. Unfortunately, I, in my wisdom, decided the wrist-warmers looked too short when I first cast on, so I increased the number of stitches. This should have been OK, but somehow they came out different lengths! They are also Quite Large.

crochet wrist warmers

crochet wrist warmers

Never mind, S seems to like them and at least they’re warm!

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That Bloglovin’ thing

I had to resist the urge to write thang instead of thing…

You may have noticed the little widget in my sidebar and at the bottom of my last couple of posts where it says “Follow me on Bloglovin'”. Bloglovin’ has been around for a while and is basically a blog discovery/reading tool – another way to follow this blog if you’re not on WordPress.

In August, Bloglovin’ are encouraging people with fewer than 10,000 followers to enter a competition to get the most new followers during this month. I currently have one (1) follower, so I thought I may as well give it a go.


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Screen printed cushion

I made my first attempt at screen printing yesterday, thanks to Xtina Lamb and the nice people at INTRA. It was quite difficult to choose which screens to use, but the line from Sea Fever by John Masefield came into my head when I saw the ship and star screens

[And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by;]

and also Mr C is obsessed with ships, so I chose to make this design on the front:

cushion front

and went for a simple fish on the back:

cushion back

The cushion is now looking very bright in our living room!

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Gardening time

After neglecting the garden for ages I’ve finally got around to tidying up the front garden and putting some new plants in to replace the dead lavender:



Lavender (Edelweiss) and lemongrass

Lavender (Edelweiss) and camomile



Fushia. Grown from plants my mum had sent through the post!

Fuchsia. Grown from plants my mum had sent through the post!

Hanging strawberry

Hanging strawberry

Although you can’t tell, I cleared loads of dead leaves away – there are still quite a few left and the garden is quite stony and full of bits that are not soil, as you can see. I’m not sure how long the new plants will last, as it’s been really dry here over the past few days. The camomile in particular is looking a bit sad already! I need to water them more, but sometimes it gets to that time of the evening and I’m too tired to do it! Poor plants! At least we’ve had a tiny bit of rain today. Must water them tonight though, even so.

I also cleared out some dead plants from the back garden, but that was one of those tasks that didn’t really achieve anything in terms of making the garden look any better. I think I need to get some more plants to put in the back, and there are still a couple of gaps in the front as well. I might transplant the fuchsias from their pots into the garden and see how they get on.

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Kitchen shelves makeover

I have managed to do some things other than sleep during my week off.  One of which was tidying and de-cluttering the set of falling to bits shelves we have in the kitchen. I bought these about 10 years ago, and they’ve always been a bit dodgy as some of the slats for the shelves weren’t in the box so we’ve had to improvise with bits of cardboard and things instead. I guess I should have sent it back, but I didn’t have the willpower and the time.

Here are the shelves before:

Kitchen shelving


And here they are after:




As you can see, boxes were involved, as usual with me. I like to put things in boxes. I think it might relate to my love of classification and…control! [Insert evil laughter here]. But boxes really do help in tidying. These green ones were on sale in Wilko. I like the fact that the biscuit tin goes with the green and red boxes; this was a happy coincidence! Using the boxes works well on these shelves because it doesn’t matter that there are gaps in the slats as the boxes cover them and don’t fall through! It’s practical and looks a lot better, I think.

I’m also pleased I was able to display my 50p jug a bit better. (Another Wilko bargain).


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