Don’t try to cook and blog at the same time

I’ve ended up with a curry that has too much water in at and no blog post to speak of. I’m a bit stuck for something to write about. On the homeward-bound train I attempted to write a poem, but came to the conclusion that I can’t write poetry. I was going to attempt the ‘guilty pleasures’ meme, but have realised (with some horror) that I don’t think I actually have six  things that fit into all or perhaps any of the categories. I suppose I could do it with less things, but that might defeat the object or be cheating, or something.

I suppose I could just write about some things I like, which are pleasures, but not necessarily guilty ones. So, here are six things I like, with reasons if I can be eloquent enough to explain them: 

1. Singing in harmony
I like singing in harmony and listening to other people singing in harmony. I don’t know why, but there is something about voices in harmony that is even more attractive than instruments playing in harmony. Maybe it’s the (more) human element. I sing in harmony all the time, even when I’m not supposed to. I probably really annoy the people sitting near to me in church (which is the only place where I sing these days). Sometimes it’s because I can’t reach the top notes of the tune, at other times it’s just because I like the sound and sometimes it just happens without me trying. I think singing in harmony is the only thing I would come out and say that I’m good at, which is probably another reason why I like it so much!

2. Food (and eating it)
I love food. I think the term may be ‘greedy’, but I prefer not to think about it like that. I was discussing my love of food with my mum the other day. I think the first thing I asked when I got home every day was,’What’s for tea?’ (dinner if you’re in the South). There are very few things that I don’t like to eat and I won’t mention them here because this is a post about what I like, not what I don’t.

My mother-in-law commented that I eat a lot (!) over the weekend. I suppose I do eat almost all the time, whenever the opportunity arises to do so, but whether the amounts I eat are large is debatable. I just enjoy the experience of eating, which is something only someone in the decadent and wasteful West could say. The only time I don’t enjoy eating is when I’m very unhappy or quite ill, so if you offer me food and I don’t accept it you should probably start worrying.

3. Gardening
I think that if you read this blog on a regular basis you are probably well aware that I like gardening! I love being outdoors but within the comfort zone of my own garden, I enjoy the physical activity of digging, planting and chopping. I relish seeing a result, a change and most of all the new life that flourishes within the garden, often to my surprise.

4. Coronation Street
Is a guilty pleasure and comedy genius on occasion. I’m really sorry. I quite like EastEnders as well, although it’s not as funny.

5. Trees
I like trees for many reasons, not least because they help us with our oxygen levels. I think they’re beautiful and if I wasn’t a Christian I would say they were wise and probably worship them in the moonlight. I have been known to hug a tree on occasion.

I like them also because they remind me of the first person I was in love with (if unrequited love counts which I’m not sure it does) who climbs every tree he can. I remember when I was living in the mad chaplaincy (one for another post, I feel), sitting in my small but comfortable room, looking out of the window and feeling glad that there was a tree outside because it would remind me of him. Sad but true. We’re still friends so I think it’s OK that trees remind me of him and make me glad because of this – or does this count as some odd form of adultery?

6. Sheep
I’ve had a soft spot for sheep ever since I lived in Wales. They are very cute, in my opinion, not to mention useful as lawnmowers and providers of wool. I would hesitate to say that they’re useful as food, as I am not a big fan of lamb, mainly because I can’t help thinking about the lovely sheep that had to be killed for me to eat it. I think I’m a closet vegetarian. I became an even bigger fan and defender of sheep when I learnt that they are, contrary to popular belief, intelligent animals who have been known to build bridges to help one another across rivers. Some people don’t believe me when I tell them this.

Well, that’s your lot for today. I do like more than six things in the whole world but it’s almost time for Heroes (which is another thing I like), so I have to go.


2 thoughts on “Don’t try to cook and blog at the same time

  1. I’m currently cooking and blogging too. I foolishly chose a pan without a lid and I’m meant to simmer for 2 1/2 hours, so I have to keep dashing off to top it up with water.

    We lived in Wales too. It was amazing just how stupid the sheep could be yet in the worst weather, you knew they had the “knowledge of the mountain,” so they would take themselves off to certain spots and the shepherds would know where they were as they had done the same sensible thing for generations.

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