Just a quick post to let anyone who is interested know that I came out of hospital on Wednesday and am now adjusting to life back at home. It’s good to be back, if a bit weird after just about getting used to hospital life and being monitored 24 hours a day! My mum is staying with us to keep an eye on me so that Mr C can go back to work, so I am in no  danger of overdoing things!

The operation went very well. I saw the surgeon before I left hospital and he seemed happy with everything, which was reassuring. The only complication was non-heart-related, when my body reacted to the stress of the operation and being in intensive care by giving me an ulcer which caused me to bleed into my stomach and become anaemic! However, three days of intravenous ant-acid medicine and four bags of transfused blood later and I was back on my way to recovery.

I will write more later, but am trying to take things slowly, so it might be a while before I’ve arranged everything I want to say into a blog post. My brain is still a bit fuzzy.


Author: Lilian

Librarian who likes music, cataloguing, theology, gardening, crochet, ampersands, taking photos, baking & tea. Has CHD & pacemaker.

10 thoughts on “Home”

  1. And I thought that severe depression as a result of time in intensive care was bad enough. You really topped that, didn’t you?
    Just calm down and stroke the cat (or dog or Mr C).

  2. Phew! I’m so glad you’re at home and on the mend. The ulcer part sounds horrible but I’m glad that’s been sorted out. I second the tea and biscuits suggestion!

  3. I’m so thankful that your time in the hospital was mostly positive and healing. I’m glad your mother is able to come and help you at home, too. Take care.

  4. Lilian, I just stumbled upon your blog. I have a seven month old with L-TGA, Pulmonary Atresia and a VSD and we are preparing to schedule our “repair” (if you can call it that) soon. I just want you to know that your words give me so, so much hope for his future!! I will mark your blog and stay tuned!

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