Tulips, radishes, spring onions and other plant life

This post is not at all about voices. Day three and I am already failing! All the things I’ve made notes about on the theme of voices seem to be on the serious side as well as mostly being somewhat negative, and, as I’m feeling quite cheerful today I’d like to keep it that way. So, instead of writing about voices I’m just going to write a little bit about the garden.

Thanks to my mum’s kind assistance I have been able to do a bit of gardening this year. When mum was staying with us she did most of the gardening, because I wasn’t able (or allowed!) to do it, but now I’ve recovered enough to do quite a bit more for myself and have done quite a lot in the garden today. No digging or anything, just in case anyone’s worried, just planting out various things.

I’ve been growing some tomato plants on the kitchen windowsill and have now planted out four of these into pots. Unfortunately, they didn’t seem to like being planted out and have gone a bit droopy, despite being given lots of water to drink. I’m hoping that this is just a result of them having been moved and that they will recover soon. I also transferred some lettuces from a pot to the garden. These were kindly donated by my next-door neighbour. So far, about four plants have been eaten by the dreaded slugs. We thought it might have been pigeons being greedy, but more plants disappeared even after we put chicken wire over the plants, so I think it must have been the evil slime-monsters again.

I’m growing peppers again this year, but not so many this time as we had too many to know what to do with before. This year I’ve only planted half a seed tray of bell peppers and half of chillies. So far only about eight plants have come through, which is quite slow compared to the tomatoes, but I suppose all plants grow at different rates. I hadn’t grown tomatoes from seed before, and I’ve been quite surprised at how fast they’ve grown so far! I only hope I don’t kill off the ones I’ve transplanted! None of the peppers are ready for transplantation yet.

Also new in the garden for 2008 are some radishes and spring onions, which are growing in a couple of seed trays. The radishes seem to be doing quite well – they are looking recognisably radishy. The spring onions are still tiny but appear to be progressing alright.

 Some of the bulbs I planted earlier this year have come out, but there has been no sign of many of them, which is a bit worrying. I suspect and hope that they might just be late flowering plants, but I am a bit worried that their lack of appearance is due to the destructive nature of squirrels! We’ve seen several squirrels burying things in and digging up the soil in the bulb pots, and I fear that the bulbs might have been too disturbed to grow anymore or even stolen and/or eaten by the squirrels.

I have been waiting and waiting for the tulips to open up, and today, at last, they did. I don’t know why I bought such odd varieties, perhaps I was having an odd day. Apparently they would have flowered a lot earlier if they had been the usual sort of tulip. Never mind, I think they’re rather interesting, especially the white and red stripy one:

With mum’s assistance I planted some pansies in a pot a few weeks ago. They really are nice and colourful, as long as you like yellow! I’ve also sown some mixed flower seeds directly into the garden, so it I’m looking forward to (hopefully) seeing those grow. They should make the garden much more colourful and also help prevent the horrible weeds from coming back with such a vengence as they usually do.

The end of the garden update. I hope it wasn’t too dull.
4th May 2008: There were more photos, but something seems to have gone wrong. I tried to mend it, but without much success. I’ll try and post the photos again at a later date.


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