Cold-accompanying brain fog

I’m still not feeling very inspired to write about voices, despite having my long list of possible topics. Today, I will blame the fact that I have caught a cold from somewhere, despite not having had muchcontact with the outside world for the past few weeks – not sure how I managed that! The cold-accompanying brain fog has descended. I think this is more the result of lots of sneezing and having to wipe/blow nose every few seconds, rather than anything else.

So, I haven’t done very much today apart from mooch about feeling sorry for myself. People say that men whinge more than women about having colds, but this has never been the case in my experience. I am certainly the worst whinger in our household of two, especially when I’m not feeling well. I didn’t go to church, and instead wrote some emails and pottered about on the internet  in the hope that inspiration would strike. Alas, it did not.

I have also spent quite a lot of time reading Lirael, the second book in the Abhorsen trilogy, and now, having finished Lirael, I’m reading Abhorsen, the final book of the series. (The first book in the trilogy is Sabriel). I was introduced to Garth Nix’s writing when I was given his book of short stories, Across the Wall, for my birthday. I won’t write about the books now – that can wait until I’ve finished the trilogy, if I write about them at all – except to say that I’m really enjoying them and would highly recommend them to anyone who likes fantasy writing with a dark-ish edge and a sprinkling of humour.

I feel like I’m giving up rather easily in not sticking with the theme for the month, but perhaps it doesn’t matter too much. My aim was to blog every day, rather than anything else, so if I can do this at least that will be something.

I think part of the reason that I’m not writing about any of the things on my list is that, having written them down as possible topics, I don’t feel that I can write about them sufficiently well. This is often the problem with me and my blogger’s block. I worry that I will try and write about a topic that could be very (or at least a bit) interesting and make a hash of it, so that (a) I may as well not have bothered in the first place and (b) anyone who reads it will just think I’m an idiot. Either that or the topic that I think is interesting turns out to be of no interest whatsoever to anyone else. I know it’s only a blog and perhaps it doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things, but it matters to me. You would think that I would have got over this sort of fear by now, having been blogging for a few years, but it appears that I have not.


5 thoughts on “Cold-accompanying brain fog

  1. Come come, my dear!
    Believe in yourself — the voice of the nightingale, the voice of the bell, the voice of the earth as it rumbles and spews out lava, the voice of the dog/cat/giraffe (not the goldfish he only splashes). How many more voices do you need to write about?
    The change in your own voice as a result of “that operation”? Nah, maybe not that one.
    The British Library sound archive is a great place to start. is a very scratchy recording of the voice of Florence Nightingale rather than a feathered nightingale but there is that too.
    Then there is the “voice” that a writer uses, could be within a genre such as a feminist voice.
    Oops — too much time on this when I should be writing my own work-related posts!

  2. Hi Hazel, thanks for the tips. The problem is though, that I don’t have a problem with thinking about voice-related things to write about, I just don’t always have the confidence to write about them!

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