Blog Challenge: Who is writing your blog?

The next challenge on Lorelle’s list, or at least the next one that I think I’ve got a reasonable chance of being able to do, is to try and explain who is writing your blog.

I’m not sure whether my blogging persona is very different from me in real-life. Both are prone to waffling, dullness and indecisiveness. I think I’m probably more open about how I’m feeling on my blog, at least about some things – notably my heart and work! I worry a lot about what I write and this, as well as a desire for privacy and a  wish not to subject people I know to my innermost thoughts,  probably prevents me from writing more about my personal opinions and feelings on other topics. I wrote a bit on my old blog about how I feel about people I know reading my blog.

In real life I talk about things like politics, feminism and religion a lot more than I do on my blog. Perhaps if I wrote about these things on my blog it would be a bit more interesting! I think my blog has turned into a sort of narrative/commentary on my life, rather than anything else – in real life I’m a lot more opinionated. I don’t know whether the people who know me in real life and read my blog would agree with this, but maybe I just don’t share my opinions with you!

Both my real life and blogging personas care a lot about what people think of them and are quite afraid of being judged by people they know, and more to the point, like. Both of us are very insecure and need reassurance that they’re good enough because they don’t think they are. So, now you know (as if you didn’t know before!).

I expect every blogger presents a certain persona to the world. That, after all, is one of the beauties of (relatively) anonymous blogging! I don’t really know what mine is, though. I expect I want to come across as a thinking, intelligent person, but I worry that I just come across as a self-obsessed, insecure, neurotic hypochondriac!

Lorelle asks:

Are you blogging as the hero, standing upright and proud to share your opinion about your beliefs or political position? Or are you the educator, instructing others patiently on how to do what you teach? Or are you the anarchist, blogging wildly and freely without much focus, gathering tidbits from whatever you find, hoping someone finds value from your cluttered collection?

Are you blogging as a representative of your race, culture, sex, or sexual preference? Do you feel like you are representing a group as you blog or an individual? Or are you the nerd or geek, the techno-wiz who dazzles the blogosphere with techno-babble on your techno-topic?

Well, no, I’m not really doing any of those things. I suppose out of all the above I’m most like the “anarchist” (haha) because my blog doesn’t really have any particular focus. I just write about what’s on my mind at the time, what I think people might be interested to read, or things I want to record, although I suppose I tend to write about certain topics more than others. As for representing anyone, I’m only representing myself.

2 thoughts on “Blog Challenge: Who is writing your blog?

  1. This is a good question. I tend to assume that I come across as 100% myself in my blog, but that isn’t the full picture. I don’t like to write about negative stuff, especially when it concerns another person. I had a situation happen to me recently that has had a huge impact on the way I view my life, writing etc. Part of what happened has turned out to be good, and part turned out to be really bad in a horrible unexpected way. I will eventually post about the positive outcomes but not the negative ones. I just want to move on from that, and I can’t bring myself to say bad things about other people on my blog, even if it has changed the direction of my life. I sort of feel that bad feeling generates bad feeling, if you know what I mean? Although in real life, to my friends, I’ve been ranting about it like mad!

    I agree with you about the privacy stuff. Occasionally I get a shock when someone I know says: “Oh, I read your blog all the time!”

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