Two pieces of cake and a slice of pizza

Another ploy I thought up to help me think of things to write about for NaBloPoMo was just to write about the best bits of my day. It was going to be the best and worst bits, but I thought I would try and be more positive. They will be listed in no particular order.

Today’s best bits:

  • Being given a free piece of chocolate brownie. The cafe thing at work makes really good, moist, chocolate brownies. The nice administrator lady was wandering round the building giving away free bits of brownie – possibly because they were leftover from the reception (see below). I was quite glad I was in the foyer at the moment she passed the help desk.
  • Eating half of the cupcake one of my colleagues gave me on Friday. It had kept quite well in the fridge. Possibly the best carrot cake I’ve ever tasted. I must ask my colleague where she bought it from.
  • Eating my lunch, part of which was cold pizza. Yum. Oh dear, I sense a theme developing.
  • [Quick, think of something to say that isn’t to do with food] Finding some books I thought were lost.
  • Seeing my colleague (a different one) after she finished doing a tour with some people who’d come in for a reception (not sure what the reception was for – just to show off the new building, I think). Although she’d had to show more people round than she expected to, she looked happy and I know she will have done a good job and been a good ambassador for the library. I felt proud of her, although I’m not sure I had any particular right to.
  • Finding out that the sausage casserole I made for dinner tasted good. Nice-tasting food is never a foregone conclusion when I’ve been cooking, especially when I make the recipe up as I go along. Sorry, I know it’s to to with food again.  I like food.

On days when I write about the best bits of the day there will also be a random photo of the day. Here is today’s:

Raspberry cheesecake

I made this cheescake earlier this year. Sorry, it’s food-related again – that was a coincidence. It’s the first baked pudding-type-thing I’ve ever made that was actually edible. I made another one a few weeks later, which included white chocolate. It was nice, but I think I should have melted the chocolate before putting it into the cheese mix instead of just putting it in in chunks, because it didn’t spread throughout the mixture when it was cooked, like I thought it would. The original recipe was Delia Smith‘s, from her Frugal Food book.


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