Vivaldi’s Gloria

I’m listening to Vivaldi’s Gloria at this present time (on Spotify), because we might be doing it with choir after Christmas, unless anyone (of the choir) protests. I’m very sure I’ve sung it before, but I just can’t remember when. I’m sure it was fairly recently, but I’ve tried to look up when I think it was on the interweb and no luck. Maybe I’m misremembering, but it sounds so familiar and the feeling of knowing specific bits very well because they’re difficult and we had to practise them a lot is very strong. Weird. I’ve even looked on this and my old blog to see if I wrote about it and I didn’t. The only thing to do now is to ask my mum, as I’m pretty sure she would have been singing it too, if I was.

Anyway, I hope we do start rehearsing it after Christmas – it will be a good challenge. Despite our early fears, everyone who stuck with it really enjoyed doing Carmen in the end. Apparently (according to the choir master) the Gloria is easier than Carmen. Despite the fact that Carmen was quite difficult I’m not sure I believe him!


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