The Ashmolean Museum revisited

We’ve just spent a couple of days in Oxford. Most of yesterday was taken up with visiting the redeveloped Ashmolean Museum. I liked what they’ve done to the place. The beauty of the building is still there, but it’s easier to see everything and you feel a bit less like you’re going from room to room in an endless maze of rooms not knowing when it’s going to end. This kind of feeling is not necessarily a bad thing in a museum, unless you are horribly bored or need to get out quickly, but it’s good to actually be able to see the objects in a (literally) better light.  It’s a lot lighter, brighter and erm…smoother, is the only word I can find to describe it without using a thesaurus. I took some pictures (you’re allowed to, don’t worry).

Front doors of Ashmolean Museum
I was relieved to see that the gigantic blue doors are still there. They remind me of the TARDIS, for some reason. I think it's the colour.
Ashmolean Museum and Taylor Institution
I used to work in this building (in the library, on your right). It was lovely.
Ashmolean Museum refurbishment
Looking down and across from the stairs in the new part of the museum.

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