Twelve and a half inches of snow

We measured the depth of the snow last night, and it was twelve and a half inches. That is a lot of snow for this part of the world! It’s all still there this morning. The Shiny New Learning Centre is closed again today. I’m supposed to be working tomorrow, so I’m hoping that either I will be able to get to and from work fairly easily or the library will be closed again as I don’t want anyone else to have to do my shift.

I managed to get some food out for the birds yesterday, and the robin came to visit, which was lovely. He didn’t stay very long though. I hope he has somewhere sheltered to go to. The pigeons arrived as well, and went a bit flappy in the snow, poor things. The other day there was one poor pigeon who didn’t even want to eat food, he (or she) just wanted to sit under the shelter of the bird table, feathers puffed out and shivering, poor thing.

I’m beginning to feel a bit Christmassy now. We’ve been listening to Christmas music this morning and we’re planning to put the decorations up later.

I will try to write about something other than snow at some point!


Author: Lilian

Librarian who likes music, cataloguing, theology, gardening, crochet, ampersands, taking photos, baking & tea. Has CHD & pacemaker.

4 thoughts on “Twelve and a half inches of snow”

  1. We feed the birds regularly too so get quite a lot in our garden. I’m not all that good at recognising birds but the ones I know are blackbirds, a robin, pigeons, doves and sparrows. There are also various medium sized speckled brown ones. Also there are a couple of magpies because there is a nest in next door’s tree.

    I was a bit alarmed to read recently that apparently you should not give birds cooked porridge as it can glue their beaks together.

    We have a cat but luckily he is hopeless at catching birds (maybe because he is bright orange). The birds are not the slightest bit scared of him and just carry on eating even when he is sitting a few feet away. If truth be told I think he is more scared of them 🙂

  2. Hi Trish, I think the medium sized speckled brown birds could be thrushes. Not sure though, as I am also not all that good at bird identification! I like orange cats. We have one in our neighbourhood and he is also a bit of a scaredy cat, although apparently he has been chasing next-door’s kittens off his patch!

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