Book of the day – The Rabbit Problem

The Rabbit Problem, by Emily Gravett book coverMy favourite book that I added/catalogued today was The Rabbit Problem, by Emily Gravett “(and a lot of rabbits!)”. It is a most unusual and marvellous book, and everyone, young and old, should read it. The book is in the form of a calendar, illustrating (literally), what happens over the course of a year after two rabbits start having baby rabbits. It’s a version of Fibonacci’s sequence (or series) . He discovered his famous number sequence after trying to work out how many pairs of rabbits there would be a year from now, if there are now two rabbits, one male and one female, who have just been born – this became known as Fibonacci’s Rabbit Problem.

The Rabbit Problem isn’t a maths book, as such,  although it could be used as the basis of a discussion or lesson about the Fibonacci sequence for younger children. It’s beautifully illustrated with lots of very cute pictured of rabbits, 3D features, like a rabbit’s ration book (when food goes short because there are too many rabbits), and a very cool pop-up bit at the end. Because the rabbits encounter problems as a result of their population explosion, the book could also be used with young children to talk about what happens when places become overpopulated. So, The Rabbit Problem is educational and it has cute bunnies in – what more could you ask for?

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