Apologies if you’re sick of reading/hearing/watching things about the riots in the UK. I didn’t really want to write about them, but I can’t really think about anything else, so I will.

It’s been fine where we live (so far), apart from relatively small-scale trouble in the next town (although this is obviously bad enough if it directly affects you). Where I work has also been OK so far. It’s not the most likely place for a bunch of rioters to kick off, but I suppose you never know. However, where Mr C works has been really badly affected. The local pub has been destroyed, most of the shops have been damaged – a couple beyond repair, there are burnt out cars (including a police car), the high street had been cordoned off and fire people were still tackling a fire which has severely damaged the local Marks and Spencer. One of the charity shops had been looted and people had piled up clothes and things from the shop and tried to burn them all. There is a horrible smell of burning everywhere. The railway station Mr C usually stops had is closed because there’s an unsafe building (made unsafe by being set fire to) nearby, and another nearby station has closed because of violence in the area today.

Where Mr C works is one  of those places that was just about crawling out of its past as a deprived, crime-ridden area. Lots of money has been poured in to try and regenerate it, and it has got better. Moreover, there is a great community there, of people who love where they live and want it to thrive. The rioting and looting was carried out by people from outside the area. Most of this paragraph could probably be repeated about quite a few of the places around the country affected by the rioting.

Mr C feels quite angry about what has been done. He says what upset him most was seeing the looks on the faces of people whose livelihoods have been taken away. I mainly feel sad.


7 thoughts on “Riots

  1. I’ve been reading about the riots on the news – here, and on the BBC and Guardian UK. My heart goes out to you —- it’s absolutely horrifying to see what’s happening. Hope you and Mr C stay safe.

  2. So sorry to hear about what has happened there. My hope is that those communities which have been affected will grow closer and emerge stronger. But that doesn’t make things any better now.

    My closest brush with matters is that a bank on my route to work was vandalised.

  3. My grandmother was born in Greenwich and my family stayed in and around the south-east London area (actually north Kent, now a London borough, by the time I was born) until the mid-50s. As a long-time Charlton fan grandfather would be horrified, and as for the Woolwich Arsenal area where both my parents worked during the war it survived the blitz only to be burned down by a load of … words, for once, fail me.
    Keep safe both of you.

    1. Thanks for your kind comments. Mr C reports that the high street is gradually being cleaned up and things are less chaotic there now. It’ll take a long time for the place and people to recover, though. Like the Singing Librarian (and lots of other people, I expect) I hope that the communities affected will come out of these events closer-knit and stronger. The way people have come together to clean up and help one another has been heartening in this respect.

  4. I’m not sure exactly what rioting ever accomplishes, it is so dreadful that I have no words to express. I am happy to hear that there are people coming together to clean and fix and support each other. My heart goes out to you, Mr. C., and all the people so negatively affected by the rioting.

    I find it interesting that in this (red)neck of the woods, the facts that there has been massive rioting in England, the burning of the Middle East, flooding in Bangladesh, etc etc is not deemed worthy to mention in the evening news or the daily papers.

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