I went to the Faversham Hop Festival for the first time yesterday. It was an experience – lots of people, lots of tasty-smelling food, lots of crowded pubs, lots of sun, lots of music. It was a lovely afternoon, although a little too hot and crowded at times, and provided lots of interesting things to photograph. It was a good test of my photography skills, which sadly didn’t stand up to the test all that well, but it was a  learning experience! Anyway, here are a few pictures of some of the things that caught my eye:

There was a lot of great headgear on display at the festival, including these morris dancers' hats.
Hops were also on display everywhere, mainly on people's heads...
...but also hanging up on buildings.

Quite a few people were also wearing flowers in their hair.
The creek looking deceptively peaceful. What you can't really see is all the people behind the trees on the left!

I took loads more photos, but I didn’t want to bore people reading this! I’ll put some of them on Flickr, so you can have a look there if you want to.


8 thoughts on “Hop!

  1. What great pictures! I took hundreds over the festival weekend but none as good as these. Why don’t you post them on the Faversham People site (www.favershampeople.co.uk) and share them with us Faversham folk?!

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