Chunky cowl

imageI finished this cowl on Friday. It turned out alright and was quite easy to knit. The pattern is  GAP-tastic Cowl by Jen Geigley. It’s a good in-the-round project for beginners or people who are not very confident knitting in the round (like me!), and if you use bulky yarn it’s quite a fast knit, which is mainly a good thing. I used cheap yarn again. It’s hard to justify spending lots more on yarn when you can buy this yarn so much more cheaply, although perhaps I should spend more when the things are going to be gifts for other people? (It’s Robin Chunky, in case you’re interested). I used 9mm needles and knitted until the cowl was 12″ wide – a bit shorter than the pattern says, but quite wide enough, I think.

It’s going to be a present for my sister-in-law for Christmas. I hope she likes it.


4 thoughts on “Chunky cowl

  1. I think it looks great. Better than a scarf in some ways as you can just put it on and it hangs nicely. Your sister-in-law is going to be very pleased with this.

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