Smaller than I intended

Woolly hat
The small-sized hat, with apologies for the bad photo.

I made another hat. This  was my fourth one, I think. It was supposed to be for an adult, but my gauge was quite awry, so it turned out child-sized. Fortunately I know a small person with a birthday at the end of this month, so it won’t go to waste. The pattern was Turvid’s Slouched Tuva Hat. It turned out 14″ diameter using 3.5 needles and double knit yarn.

I’m making another hat using the same pattern now, but casting on more stitches using bigger sized needles. I’m also going to have my first attempt at doing some knitting on double pointed needles, which will no doubt be interesting.



4 thoughts on “Smaller than I intended

  1. You make some really nice hats. I like the colours you choose and the pattern looks quite sophisticated on this one. You are getting to be an expert hat maker!

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