Hat: take 2

I made the hat again, using 4mm needles and casting on 108 stitches instead of 90, and this version is a much more realistic size. I managed the double pointed needles OK once I’d practiced a bit, and it was much easier to do the decreasing rounds, and it looks a bit better too, I think. It is a very green hat, but my mum has bravely volunteered to wear it, as she has a green scarf it will go with. Here is the hat in repose:

Green woolly hat

It’s quite difficult to take a photo of the back of one’s own head, and I apologise for the weirdness of this photo:

Hat being worn

The colours are a bit odd in these pictures – I used my phone camera which always produces slightly strange colours, for some reason. The hat is much greener than it appears, and my hair is not that colour at all!


2 thoughts on “Hat: take 2

  1. Fabulous to find another knitting librarian in the UK. There seem to be loads of us. 🙂 Thanks for making the effort to comment in German on my blog.

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