Knitting in the age of the Internet

If it wasn’t for the Internet, I wouldn’t have got very far with my knitting. I still count myself as a novice knitter, but without the Internet I wouldn’t have got much beyond casting on. Most of what I’ve learnt about knitting has been learned from the Internet – from blogs, Twitter and particularly YouTube. I know there are lots of books about knitting, but they tend to be relatively expensive, and, being somewhat lacking in coordination and (I have discovered) the ability to decipher diagrams of yarn and needles, I find it much easier to learn to knit by watching someone else actually doing something than by looking at a 2D image or trying to follow written instructions.

I suspect that a lot of people learning to knit now have the same experience – using the Internet where previously we would have asked our parents/aunts/uncles/grandparents. I’m sure many people are still taught how to knit by their parents, particularly, but for a lot of people this is no longer as practical as it would have been in the past where people tended to stay living close to family for most, if not all, of their lives.

It could be said that the learning of knitting skills is an example of a microcosm of  how society and particularly learning have changed over the past twenty years or so.



5 thoughts on “Knitting in the age of the Internet

  1. Yes, it is absolutely amazing how people’s lives have been revolutionised by the internet. I am still a bit in awe about the way you can just think of something you want to know about and instantly get the answer.

    I have learnt so much about so many things – it is so educational. The only downside about it is that I am a bit more of a worrier than I used to be – sometimes ignorance can be bliss!

    The other downside is that it is seriously addictive – you can just look up something and then find something else interesting which leads to something else etc etc etc

    But apart from that it is wonderful. I wouldn’t like to go back to a pre-internet age.

  2. this is amazing. i’ve always wanted to make something more with the thread/yarn at home other than bracelets.

    but what’s more amazing is you could actually find time and have patience in doing it. it’s so hard to focus nowadays. good job 🙂

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