Phoneography Challenge: My Neighbourhood

I went out this morning to take these photos for the Phoneography Challenge. After a lovely, sunny weekend last week, the weather has turned cold and grey again, so my neighbourhood isn’t really looking at its best. The filters/effects I’ve used probably haven’t really help it look any better, but I think I was inspired by the grey day!

I’m in two minds about photo editing. Sometimes its worth doing, particularly if you need to correct something, but sometimes I feel like I do it for the sake of it, just because I like messing about with pictures and trying out all the effects. It’s fun, but I could probably spend my time more productively.

The park is lovely – I love living near so much green and being able to look out across the river. The town we live in has a bit of a bad reputation; but where we live is pleasant, near to the shops and the station, and we have great neighbours. There’s a nice community feel to our road, because people actually know one-another’s names (not everyone, admittedly), and stop and chat, and we all follow the adventures of the neighbourhood cats, of which there are a few. People help each other out by mowing their neighbours’ front lawns, gritting their paths in winter and lending them things…the neighbourhood is definitely friendlier than it looks in these photos!

The pictures were taken on an HTC Desire C, and edited using Pixlr Express.


Author: Lilian

Librarian who likes music, cataloguing, theology, gardening, crochet, ampersands, taking photos, baking & tea. Has CHD & pacemaker.

21 thoughts on “Phoneography Challenge: My Neighbourhood”

  1. I am very impressed by the photos. They are very pleasing to the eye somehow.

    There are some lovely old houses in your neighbourhood – they look very attractive overlooking the park. I love that style of architecture.

    I like the effects created by the filters. It makes the photos so much more interesting.

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