Now that April’s here

Well, it’s been here for a while really…We’ve had a couple of warm days, but mainly it’s been quite cold, still. But then, it is only April. I have, at last, been to B&Q today and bought some plants. I went on the bus. I bought  some heathers, some pansies, some lavender, and a pathetic-looking tulip because it was on the sale shelf and I felt sorry for it, but also partly because it’s called “Für Elise”, and our friends have a daughter called Elise. I might give her the tulip to look after if it doesn’t die. So, this afternoon I did some weeding and planted a couple of the heathers. Then it got too cold, so I went in. Things are starting to look more spring-like; the forsythia is now in full bloom, the daffodils have been and gone. The tulips’ leaves have come out, but no sign of flowers yet. I discovered some kind of narcissi in a couple of pots I’d piled up in a corner near the shed (this is where pots go when there is no room in the shed), so that was a nice surprise!

Last weekend, Mr C and I went to the British Museum with my mum. She wanted to go to see the Ice Age Art exhibition, which we did, and very fascinating it was too. I found it quite hard to take in how old the objects were. I hadn’t been to the British Museum at all before, so I was quite excited to go, and I really loved it. Now we know how easy it is to get there we will go again (I hope). I think the Lion Man in the Ice Age Art exhibition was my favourite object of the ones I saw, but I also liked the huge Assyrian lion (and lots of other things). Last night I dreamed that I was holding a large cat. Not as big as a lion, more like the size of our neighbour, Big Cat (AKA Fat Cat).

Two pictures of Assyrian lion sculpture

Other things I’ve been doing include knitting gloves and waiting for trains. At least we had a nice double rainbow to look at when the trains were delayed on Thursday:

Picture of rainbows


6 thoughts on “Now that April’s here

  1. Haha, I’ve done that pity buy of the sad lonely plant 🙂 I expect they sell quite well because of the English love for the underdog, or I suppose underplant… Some of them even survived and thrived. Which is way better than the healthy expensive plant that languishes and dies because I don’t get round to planting it. Or, less guiltily but more annoyingly, the one that I do plant but dies anyway for no apparent reason.

    I love the British Museum but I’ve not been for years.

  2. The garden in our new house is bursting into bloom too. I can’t take any credit for it at all as it was all planted by the previous owner but we are certainly enjoying it very much.

    The exhibition sounds amazing. I was reading a book about the ancient Egyptians the other day and it was illustrated with Egyptian art and I had a go at copying one of the examples to try to see if I work out what was going on in the artist’s head.

    What I discovered was that he was a better artist than I am. I have always thought that because ancient pictures and sculptures are a bit primitive then it must mean that the people were primitive too. But I think it probably means that most people, whatever age they are from, are not that great at art!

    Though there were certainly some really talented artists. I like that Assyrian lion.

  3. I’ve never been the to British Museum, shame on me! Been to the Natural History Museum and the art galleries though! I think I’m going to have to visit just to get a picture next to that lion!

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