Delightful, delicious, and de-lovely

As the song says, “At words poetic I’m so pathetic”, but I’m going to attempt to write a very short review of Canterbury Operatic Society’s production of Anything Goes, which I and quite a few other librarians went to see over the weekend. I’d seen the show before, many years ago when I was a student, but I couldn’t really remember what happened, apart from the fact that it was a bit mad. I remembered a few of the songs, but that was about it. There are a lot of great songs in Anything Goes, including You’re the Top, which is possibly my favourite, although it’s close run things between it and Easy to Love, or De-Lovely…It’s hard to choose.

Anyway, the plot was even more bonkers than I remembered – how could I have forgotten all the dog-related silliness? I almost lost track of who had got mixed-up with who and what their real names were, but such is the nature of farce. The thing about farce is that you have to be able to pull it off well and, thankfully, Canterbury Operatic proved that they can do farce very well indeed. The title of this post just about sums it up, really: Lines were delivered with excellent timing, facial expressions were used to great effect, songs (one in particular!) contained sounds which were possibly some of the most unusual I’ve ever heard – but in a very good way that helped me chortle my way through the show.

The cast gave an immense amount of energy in both the singing (which was excellent, on the whole), and the dancing…I just do not know how they do it! Actually, I do – lots of hard work! It was such a professional, well-executed show. The cast and crew should be very proud of themselves.

If you’re ever in Kent and Canterbury Operatic Society are putting on a show please go and see it!

Photo of Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury
The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury

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