Librarians & knitting and a vertically striped scarf

At a gathering of librarians yesterday, someone made a comment about the number of librarians who knit. There are a lot of us, it would seem, or at least if you follow librarians on Twitter they seem to talk about knitting an awful lot. I wonder whether the proportion of knitters : librarians is really higher than the proportion of knitters : x other profession. It might be interesting to do a survey, but perhaps it would only be interesting to me. I think knitting might be becoming part of the librarian stereotype! Anyway, I quite like the fact that there are lots of knitting librarians, because it means I have a ready-made support group for any knitting related problems I might encounter, and of course it’s nice to be able to talk to people about what you’re interested in and enjoy, and to have more than just a profession in common with them.

Talking of knitting, I finished another scarf last week. I saw someone wearing a really nice scarf at St Pancras station a few weeks ago, and decided to try and replicate said scarf. I didn’t get a very close look at it, and my memory isn’t brilliant, so what I’ve made probably doesn’t resemble the original very much in the end, but it was the idea of the contrasting colours that I liked. The scarf I saw at St Pancras was navy (or maybe dark purple) and turquoise, which worked really well, but in the end (partially because there was no turquoise yarn to be found in the right weight) I decided to go for navy and pink. I’m quite pleased with the finished product, and I’m now making a pair of gloves to accompany it. The scarf is nice and long, but is actually quite a a quick project as it’s knitted lengthwise on circular needles, to make the stripes vertical rather than the usual horizontal. I didn’t knit it in the round, although I could have done –  I wasn’t sure whether I wanted a loop scarf or not when I started but in the end I decided I did so I just joined the ends together.

If you would like the recipe, it can be found on Ravelry.


7 thoughts on “Librarians & knitting and a vertically striped scarf

  1. The scarf looks great. I think the contrasting colours work well – the navy makes it look smart and the pink stripes gives it a nice feminine look.

    1. But you are the very model of a modern…librarian! 🙂 Sadly (for me), I don’t think being able to knit makes someone a better librarian, possibly just a more stereotypical one.

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