Charing Cross to Portugal Street

These are photos I took on two wanders between Charing Cross/Trafalgar Square and Portugal Street today and yesterday.  Mostly on foot, so even less excuse for poor quality pictures… London is such a fascinating place. I particularly enjoy the randomness of it.

I went into St Martin in the Fields, just to have a look (I think I might have been in there before, but I can’t quite remember), and there was a concert starting at 1pm, so I decided to stay for it. It was free, although donations were welcome (and well-deserved). The concert was performed by a young wind quintet, Notus Winds, as part of the St Martin in the Fields concert series. Apparently they host about 350 concerts a year, of one kind or another! The quintet (sometimes a sextet, including piano) played pieces by Jacques Ibert, Ligeti and Francis Poulenc, all of which were very enjoyable and cheered me up considerably. Some parts of the Poulenc (Sextet for Piano & Wind Quintet) reminded me a bit of Leonard Bernstein, in that it reminded me of the music from West Side Story, which I didn’t expect. I think the only Poulenc I’ve encountered before has been floaty flute pieces.


3 thoughts on “Charing Cross to Portugal Street

  1. Sounds like you have been having a very enjoyable couple of days. I find I tend to notice my surroundings more when I am not with other people.

    I wouldn’t like to be one of those window cleaners – it looks scarily high up 🙂

  2. Penguin!

    Intrigued by the Blue Rain concept. Will have to do some investigating – how do they make sure this doesn’t get abused by people typing expletives into the library catalogue over and over again?

    1. Perhaps LSE students don’t do that sort of thing?! Unlikely. I think the words are sort of layered over each other as they appear, so I don’t think it’s very easy to tell what the actual words are.

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