• I had a few days off last week, which is why I wrote so (relatively) many blog posts. I didn’t do much else, apart from making the cakes, having lunch with a friend and her daughter (2), and going to watch Man of Steel. I enjoyed it, apart from Russell Crowe (sorry Russell) and action scenes that were too long. I went to the cinema on my own, during the day, which was a new experience (going on my own, I mean).
  • While I was at the cinema, builders replaced our garden fences and the back gate, and re-painted the bathroom.
  • I made another cake last night, but it burned due to my own foolishness. The recipe was one I’d written down in my recipe notebook, but I’d failed to write down the temperature the oven should be set at, so I just assumed it was 180°C, because my dad makes this cake all the time, and my mum cooks just about everything at 180°C, so I thought that was probably a safe bet. However, when I took the cake out 1.5 hours later and saw how black it was, I thought I should check the temperature (even though it was obviously too late) on the recipe I’d posted on this blog, and lo! The temperature was not supposed to  be 180°C, but 150°C. Alas. The cake is still edible, but only by me, and possibly Mr C if he’s hungry enough. I’m going to try and make it again tomorrow.
  • We (Choir) sang the chorus bits in a local opera company’s production of Carmen on Saturday. It was the second time we’d done this, but I think I enjoyed it more the first time, which is odd because you’d think that, having done it before I would have felt more comfortable and familiar with it and it would have been easier, but this wasn’t the case. Well, it was easier, but we still got it wrong and somehow this was more annoying because (I suppose) I felt that we shouldn’t have got it wrong because we most of us had done it before. Anyway, the performance could have been a lot worse. We had a large enough audience, the proper opera people were really good, and we got most of it right although there were still too many places where we were a bit rubbish (especially the altos, alas).
  • Mr C is currently on his way back from Spain where he’s been reenacting the Battle of Vitoria* The week before last he and his reenactment group took part in Beating the Retreat at Horse Guards in front of the Queen, and they met the Prime Minister and his children while rehearsing, so they’ve been having quite an exciting couple of weeks.

*If you know Mr C in real life you might be able to spot him on the pictures on the Wikipedia page.


One thought on “Recently

  1. It must teach you a lot about history being part of a re-enactment group. As well as being fun. They look very dashing in their uniforms, don’t they?

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