Strawberry cakes

The humble, healthy and delicious strawberry…

StrawberryWhat better way to eat it than in cake?

Strawberry cakes
Strawberry muffins and strawberry & chocolate friands

Well, arguably, strawberries and cream is nicer, but I had a surplus of strawberries and no cream, so making cakes seemed like a good idea. The light-coloured ones are a variation of Double Berry Muffins and the dark-coloured ones are a variation of Chocolate Raspberry Friands. Both these recipes are from 200 Cupcakes, by Joanne Farrow, which a kind person bought me for my birthday.


3 thoughts on “Strawberry cakes

  1. They look delicious :). I like strawberries in cakes and flans though surprisingly I am not all that keen on fresh strawberries by themselves. They can be a bit bitter and I have quite a sweet tooth.

    I used to make cakes regularly for a monthly cake sale (usually cupcakes because I liked making individual cakes so I could check they tasted OK). I used to make them on the day so that they were very fresh.

      1. Raw lemon, eeeeuwww! (Or however you write the sound of someone who is eating a raw lemon and not liking it) 🙂

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