A beautiful turnip

I cooked some turnip last night, something I’d never done before. We had it with sausages and other veg. I found a few small potatoes growing in the recycling box, which we also ate. The potatoes, I mean, not the recycling box. We need that to grow more potatoes in.


2 thoughts on “Turnip

  1. It’s interesting trying new vegetables. Although I have to admit I have given up on fresh turnips and swedes because they are so hard to cut up. I get ‘carrot and swede’ frozen mix sometimes which is really nice and makes a change from carrots on their own.

    I think vegetables can be very tasty (which is just as well because I am a vegetarian). I have discovered they are nicer if I put them on a cold plate after cooking them and let them cool down for a few minutes.

    1. They are quite tough to cut, and also to peel, but didn’t take as long as I expected to cook. I’m not sure if I like swede, but I think that might just be bad memories of school dinners!

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