Cheese scones

Cheese sconesPeople at work asked me to make some cheese scones, so I did. I hadn’t made them before, but I think they turned out OK, although I’m not sure if they should have risen more than they did. The recipe I used was Cheese & Herb Scones from The National Trust Teatime Baking Book, by Jane Pettigrew, but there are lots of recipes online, for example on the BBC web pages.


2 thoughts on “Cheese scones

  1. They look absolutely delicious. I like the way you can see actual cheese on the top of them. Some cheese scones look a bit dry. Sounds like a good recipe book – whenever I have had anything at a National Trust cafe or restaurant it has been really nice.

  2. Yes, they do have nice food. It’s a good book, although the scones were the first thing I made from it – I think I have too many baking books!

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