Liebster 1: Eleven facts

liebsterLiteracywhore, who writes a most excellent blog over at The Filthy Comma, nominated me for the Liebster blog award  ages ago, and (shamefully) I hadn’t read her blog for so long that I only realised this the other week, and then it’s taken me yet more time to actually get around to writing anything about it! Literacywhore will be a hard act to follow, but I’ll give it a go. Here are the rules:

I post eleven facts about me (chosen by me); I answer eleven questions (chosen by Literacywhore); and finally, I pose eleven questions for eleven other bloggers I nominate to do the same exercise.

After doing some research, I found an additional rule, which is that the award should only be given to blogs with under 200 followers (of which mine is one, so that’s OK), but I’m not sure whether this rule still applies. It’s not always easy to see how many followers a blog has, so perhaps that’s why this rule has been discontinued. Further research (I obviously have too much time on my hands) revealed that the original rules were even more different. 

Anyway, enough procrastination. Eleven facts about me. Apologies if these are facts I’ve shared before. There’s only so much one can say about oneself, really.

  1. My insides are quite interesting. I have a horseshoe kidney (which means I have one big one rather than the usual normal-sized two). My heart is also unusual, but you’ve probably already heard enough about that.
  2. I have a brother who is nothing like me to look at, or otherwise. The best way to describe this is probably to say that he is a bear and I am a mouse.
  3. In February, I decided to stop eating meat at home and in restaurants. However, if someone else has prepared meat for me I will eat it because I don’t want to make a fuss about it, and I haven’t told many people about it in real life for the same reason. I’m very British like that. I still eat fish so I’m not a real vegetarian anyway. I realise that none of this is very logical.
  4. I’ve also given up alcohol and caffeine, because I went through a stage of having trouble sleeping (it’s never really been one of my strong points) and I thought this might help.
  5. This year, in terms of edible things, I’m growing strawberries, raspberries and potatoes. I decided the effort required for tomatoes and peppers wasn’t worth the return. I might try other things next year.
  6. If it’s very hot or very cold (particularly if there is ice or snow) you will find me indoors. People with congenital heart defects fair even less well than the general population in extreme heat or cold. Also, my fear of snow has now reached the level where I’m afraid to go out in anything more than about 1mm of the stuff. Pathetic but true.
  7. I like pizza. I especially like pizza with pineapple, green chilies, anchovies and mushrooms on it.
  8. I like making cake more than I like eating it. I know this is wrong! This is not to say that I don’t like cake, but I have to be in the right frame of mind to eat it. I think it’s because cake can sometimes be a bit dry and over-sweet.
  9. I’ve only worn make up once [apart from trying stuff on in front of the mirror, and when I was in dancing shows as a child but that doesn’t count], on my wedding day. I like the idea of wearing nail varnish, but the reality never lives up to it. I have tried.
  10. Similarly: dresses. Contrary to popular belief, I quite like them. I just don’t like me in them – and the same goes for shoes. Stuff usually just doesn’t  fit me very well, which is annoying.
  11. This (number 10) is partly because I have (relatively mild) scoliosis, so my back and shoulders are unusually formed.

Having reached this point, I’ve decided that this post is getting rather long, so I think I’m going to do the next part of the exercise in a new post.


One thought on “Liebster 1: Eleven facts

  1. There are some interesting facts there. I have never heard of anyone having a horseshoe kidney before. I think I have a bit of scoliosis as well. Also I have one shoulder a bit higher than the other. My daughter does too.

    I think I look a bit like my brothers in that we have the same build (quite slight) and colouring. In terms of character I am more like the younger of the two I think.

    Yay, you have given up meat! It will be interesting if you could post on your blog any good recipes you have come across or made up.

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