Liebster 2: Eleven questions answered and asked

Here are my answers to the questions set by Literacywhore:

  1. Is making music purely for yourself and those you make it with and/or for, or should it be (at least a little) for the people that can hear you? It depends on the context (obviously if you’re in a concert it is definitely for the people who can hear you, although it’s still a bit for yourself as well).  Even when practising, I think it probably should be (at least a little) for the people that can hear you, because, if nothing else, you need to think about them in order to not hurt their ears.
  2. Does a gift that has been made for you rather than purchased still mean more if you really, really hate it? Yes.
  3. Wings or a tail? Wings. Although I have always liked the idea of having a tail.
  4. Stripes or spots (or, most excitingly, both together)? Stripes. I must admit that I’m not a fan of stripes and spots together.
  5. Night owl or morning lark? Do you ever wish you were the other one? I used to think I was a night owl but now I think I’m a morning lark. Perhaps my habits have changed over time. No, I don’t think I wish I was the other one.
  6. Name some things that you wash but don’t iron. Pillow cases, most of Mr C’s trousers and t-shirts, most of my blouses and t-shirts, towels, socks, pants, etc. We don’t iron much, only things that crease horribly like linen blend trousers and Mr C’s two ‘proper’ (not t-) shirts.
  7. Name some words that you love. Meal; chesediawnhapus; Schildgröte; Kaninchen; trifle; pie; manky.
  8. Name some words that you hate. Chillax; going foward (used incorrectly in a work context. I know this is a phrase, but I still hate it); rationale; banjaxed; sexy.
  9. I once took four of my young nephews to Bristol Zoo, shuffling them to the front of the crowd around the lion enclosure just in time to see that the lions had decided this was an excellent moment to reaffirm their bond through the physical act of love. As an introduction to sex, what it lacked in intimacy and tenderness it made up for in snarling and clawing at the ground. However, when I thought about it afterwards I was at a loss as to what *would* constitute an appropriate introduction to sex for children under the age of ten. Discuss. Erm. *Runs away* If I really had to talk to a child under 10 about sex I’d probably find an appropriate explanatory book and read it with him/her.
  10. I love textiles and I love music. However, I have a passionate hatred of textiles printed with musical notation. Musicians are always having this nonsense forced on them (‘look! It’s got music on it! And you like music, right?’ Good Lord). Do you have any similar beloved x + beloved y = hated z situations? The only thing I can think of similar to this is people dressed up as animals. I like animals and I like (most) people, but people dressed as animals (e.g people dressed as Pudsey bear) make me uncomfortable.
  11. Really, what is the point of Just For Men? I would really like to know. I had to look up Just For Men. I think the point of it is that (a) some men, like some women, want to disguise their age or just don’t like going grey and (b) they don’t want to have to use a product clearly aimed at women in order to do this. There might be a more sophisticated answer than this, but I don’t know what it is.

Here are my questions for the next eleven nominees:

  1. What is your favourite book and why? Sorry I’m so predictable.
  2. What is the best thing you’ve ever done?
  3. What makes you happiest?
  4. What was the first record you ever bought? Have you still got it?
  5. What made you start blogging?
  6. What are you really good at?
  7. What is your favourite kind of weather?
  8. If you could have any career you wanted what would it be?
  9. When you think of ‘librarian’ what comes to mind?
  10. If you could have one superpower what would it be?
  11. Is the glass half full or half empty?

My list of eleven nominees is below. Please note, nobody is obliged to respond to this. The chain letter-type nature of blog awards isn’t something I really like, and I know such things aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. But anyway, here are some bloggers whose work is worth having a look at:

  1. Sarah Giles, who is probably too busy to blog!
  2. Scott at The House of Bailey
  3. The Singing Librarian
  4. Emily at Through the Lattice (who has already written a Liebster post, and also nominated me but I failed to respond – sorry Emily!)
  5. Ellie at The Havens
  6. Knotrune
  7. Solnushka
  8. Dice-in-a-Box, who needs to write some more posts (IMO :))!
  9. Schroederin
  10. Tony at Bonito Club
  11. Lily – I live in hope that she will return to blogging!

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