Ruby Red

red cowl

I’m in a cowl-making mood at the moment! This one is a version of  Thick & Quick Ribbed Cowl by Naomi Adams at Ruby Knits. The one I made is a bit smaller than the original design, because I didn’t have enough yarn to make it as big as it should be. I used almost 2 skeins of Big Softie yarn (Sirdar), which is indeed nice and soft, but does have a tendency to ‘fluff’  and split. I found I needed to use a size smaller needles than recommended for the yarn, and it also helped to have metal rather than plastic needle ends as they’re slippier and make for much faster knitting and no splitting.

I think this one will be for my mum.


8 thoughts on “Ruby Red

    1. Hi, thanks very much. I don’t think I can accept this award though, as I’ve already been nominated for this award and accepted it before, so I’ve run out of things to say about myself and I don’t think I can think of 15 more bloggers to nominate. Sorry, and thanks anyway.

  1. Did you by chance print this pattern off? I knitted this in a yellow and I have a friend who wants one and I didn’t print off the pattern. If you did I can send you my email to send it to me if possible

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