Leafy baby blanket


I finally finished the baby blanket I was making. It turned out quite well and was relatively easy to knit, once I worked out that it was a good idea to use stitch markers to mark out the pattern repeats and made sure I counted my stitches regularly. The only real problem I encountered was of my own making – I started running out of the yarn I was using and then, when I went to buy more, I found it had been discontinued. So I bought some that looked the same colour and mixed it in with the remaining yarn I had (the pattern uses 2 strands held together) which looks fine, but then of course I totally ran out of the original yarn and could only use the new yarn, which then didn’t look the same shade of white at all! It is quite obvious when you look at the blanket in real life, unfortunately. Next time I will make sure that I have enough yarn before I start knitting!

The blanket is a present for a friend who I hope will forgive the colour change. I don’t suppose the baby will mind.

Photo cunningly hides the    'alternative' coloured bit
Photo cunningly hides the ‘alternative’ coloured bit

9 thoughts on “Leafy baby blanket

  1. That’s lovely 🙂 I’m a big fan of those leafy patterns. At least with having a half and half blend it could even look deliberate and very subtle, like the shades of snow. And I’m sure your friend will treasure it more for being handmade than any ‘perfect’ shop bought thing.

  2. This is so beautiful. Awkward colour changes are the best parts, the flaws give them personality (leave perfection to machines). A friend crocheted me a blanket at the end of my last pregnancy and it is still so precious to me.

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