Frivolous purchases

I have bought a few frivolous things on my wanderings around town with BabyMouse. For example:

Exhibit A: One cushion:


I have no justification for this other than that I like the colours…and it was in the sale! I have a bit of a thing about cushions. We have too many in the house, but never mind. As you may be able to tell, this particular cushion inspired the current colour scheme of this blog!

Exhibit B: One line-a-day diary:

2014-07-05 16.01.32

There is more justification for this in that I use it to keep a record of BabyMouse’s progress, among other things. I’ve been wanting to get back into diary-keeping for a while, and having only one line a day to write makes it a lot more doable with a small baby. Also, I bought it with a voucher, so that makes it all ok…


One thought on “Frivolous purchases

  1. I like the purchases. It is nice to treat yourself sometimes 🙂 The colour scheme of the cushions blends well and the diary will be very interesting for future reference.

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