Why I change my blog’s theme all the time

There are several reasons:

  • I get bored looking at the same theme after a while
  • (I find my own blog boring. This is obviously not a good sign)
  • I can’t think of anything interesting to write, but I think I should do something with the blog, so I change the theme instead of writing a post
  • It makes me like my blog a bit more for a while
  • (I keep thinking about stopping blogging but then I can’t quite bring myself to do this)
  • I like re/designing things
  • Sometimes I feel the current theme doesn’t reflect my currrent mood, so I change it to reflect how I’m feeling at the time, or sometimes how I want to feel

4 thoughts on “Why I change my blog’s theme all the time

  1. I wondered why things kept changing all the time 🙂
    Your blog isn’t boring at all – it is very interesting.

  2. I never change my theme because I am too lazy. also, I like the way it looks and it makes things feel familiar to me when I go there. I do change my header upon occasion.

    I do not find your blog boring. I find it interesting. That is why I keep coming back to read it.

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