Things that happened in July

  • We took Babymouse to Mr C’s workplaces to meet his colleagues. It was a really wet day – we got soaked several times – but we had fun meeting everyone.
  • I did quite a bit in the garden. I bought some new lavender plants, plus some Platycodon (AKA Balloon Flower) and a daisy-type plant and planted them in the garden. I hope they all survive, but the daisy plant has already been mauled by slugs. We’re also growing a few edible things.
  • Babymouse and I have been going to the Salvation Army and library groups on a regular basis. The Salvation Army group has now finished for the summer and for the last session we went to one of the local parks, which was nice.
  • A few friends came to visit on various occasions, which was lovely.
  • I did some knitting! The Shawl of Doom is progressing, and is slightly less doomy now I’ve found a method of knitting it that doesn’t involve counting.
  • My dad came to visit on Monday. It’s unusual for him to visit on his own. It was nice to see him, and I think he enjoyed playing with Babymouse.
  • Babymouse has been a bit weird this month. I’m not sure whether she’s going through a ‘Wonder Week’ (a theory that suggests babies go through periods of time when they make big developmental leaps and it makes them go a bit stranger than ‘normal’ – thanks to @evil_jen for telling me about this) or whether it’s just the heat, but she has been very grumpy and clingy (for her) recently. She has been doing some new things, such as pushing herself up when she’s on her front, and grabbing and holding onto things (including my hair!) much more often and much more successfully. She also likes ‘standing up’ with someone holding her (obviously) and ‘walking’ around the living room. She is a very active baby – even in her sleep she moves around – we hear her in the night, and she ends up at a very different angle in her cot to where she starts from!
  • I finally finished re-reading the Lord of the Rings triology of books, which I started reading in January!
  • I also read The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, which I enjoyed.
  • I invented a new curry: courgette, quorn pieces, beetroot and leek in a tomato-based curry sauce (also including a spoonful of Tesco Value soft cheese).

2 thoughts on “Things that happened in July

  1. Sounds like you have been having a busy month. Great that you are finding time to fit in a bit of reading as well. I bet it was fun showing off BabyMouse at Mr C’s work and I expect she had a big fuss made of her. Also, it’s really good news that you are managing to get out and about to the various groups and seeing friends and lovely having your Dad to visit. And the garden is getting attention as well!

    My baby grandson aged four months is also going through a bit of an unsettled stage. He is normally a happy little chap but has been a bit fretful recently. He has just started teething so that may be it. It is amazing how fast babies develop and I can well believe they have Wonder Weeks. Isn’t it funny that we have all been through that baby process of development yet we can’t remember a thing about it.

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