Some things we did in August

  • Babymouse started doing lots of new things: rolling, making more sounds a lot more often, being more alert, sounding like she’s talking to dolphins (she used to do this when she was younger, then stopped, but seems to be doing it again now). She managed to roll of the bed while having her nappy changed, giving Mr C an awful fright (and a guilt complex), but she was fine, despite the loud bang when she hit the floor!
  • Babymouse has her first tooth!
  • We sorted out Babymouse’s room, and she has now moved in. She doesn’t seem to have noticed the change…
  • We went to Mr C’s cousin’s wedding. They had a superhero theme. We were on The Incredible Hulk table. Here is a picture of one of the bouquets:


  • Babymouse and I went to stay with our in-laws for a week after the wedding, with mixed success. It was lovely to see family again, especially the extended clan, who we rarely see. BM met lots of in-laws and coped quite well with being handed round to be held by lots of different relatives.
  • We have been rearranging the house, mainly so we could move BM into her room, but also because I still seem to be in nesting mode. I think it’s mainly good, though, as we’ve managed to dispose of a lot of unused stuff and make more room by tidying other stuff away and, I must admit, buying more bookcases…It was inevitable – too many books. (It could  be, and has been, argued that there is no such thing as too many books. I think this is probably true, as long as they are accessible and preferably in some sort of order, but that latter is probably just my librarian side coming out.)
  • I have gardened! It looks a lot better now, but I fear I’m fighting a losing battle with weeds, slugs and snails.
  • I read The Necropolis Railway and Chinatown Beat and started Bleeding Edge.

3 thoughts on “Some things we did in August

  1. Sounds like Babymouse is advancing really well. My little grandson who is about the same age is doing most of the same things, rolling, teething etc but he doesn’t seem to be making a lot of sounds yet (well apart from crying when he is put in his buggy etc). I like the description of it sounding like talking to dolphins. I suppose a baby’s first gurgles do sound like that!

    My son and future daughter-in-law have been arranging their wedding and have decided on a red colour scheme. I wonder what colour I should wear as ‘mother of the groom’.

    Yes, visits to in-laws can be quite hard work, especially when you stay for longer than a few days. I can now see things from the ‘other side’ as my daughter and family stayed for a week recently. I felt a responsibility to keep everyone happy and entertained but found it difficult. I kept being worried that my son-in-law was bored.

    Great that you are fitting in some gardening and reading. Although your reading sounds quite scary!

    1. Hmm, mother of the groom. When we got married Mr C’s mum wore black, which worried me a bit, so I probably wouldn’t recommend that!

      The reading isn’t really as scary as it sounds. although they are all detective fiction-type books. I’m still reading Bleeding Edge and I have no idea what’s going on!

  2. There is no such thing as too many books; the actual core of the problem is always not enough bookcases 🙂 I need more bookcases… maybe a bigger house to put them in…

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