• We (me, Mr C, Babymouse and my parents) went to Broadstairs for a few days. We mostly had a good time. Ice cream was eaten, beaches were walked on, Hornby factories (well, the original one near Margate) were visited. I enjoyed all these things. The Hornby Visitor Centre is well worth a  visit if you are at all interested in model railways. They also have a Scalextric set you can play with, which brought back some childhood memories.
  • Babymouse has been teething again for a few weeks now, so she has been a bit grumpy – crying lots more than usual, chewing hands and anything else she can get her hands on, and not sleeping as well as she usually does. Poor Babymouse. I hope these teeth come through soon.
  • I went to the CILIP Cataloguing and Indexing Group Conference in Canterbury, just for one day. It was a  very interesting day, and reminded me why I enjoy cataloguing so much. I need to write a proper report about it soon, before I forget what we did!
  • Babymouse is attempting to crawl. She has now mastered crawling backwards, but she can’t manage to go forwards, which is frustrating her, so that’s not helping her mood either! She has been trying new foods. So far she has sampled baby porridge, cheese, the inside of chips, pears, ice cream, and bananas. That doesn’t look like a list of very healthy foods, does it? I’ve meant to make her up a few lots of cooked and blended up fruit and veg, but of course I’ve not got round to this yet.
  • I’ve managed (thanks to the efforts of ladies at the knitting group/on Ravelry) to knit some more of the Shawl of Doom. I might actually finish it soon. I also started some crochet, on the advice that it’s easier to undo and redo if it goes wrong!
  • We had several visits from various librarians, all of which were very enjoyable.
  • I tried to read Bleeding Edge, by Thomas Pynchon, but gave up. I also tried to read Longbourn, by Jo Baker, but someone requested it before I’d got very far with it!
  • I bought another cushion.
  • The weather was mainly lovely.

3 thoughts on “September

  1. Sounds like you’ve had a very busy and enjoyable month. Hehe, Babymouse has been having some nice food (who got to eat the outside of the chips?) :). Great that you managed to get to the cataloguing conference – I expect you are getting to the end of your maternity leave now.

    1. That’s really good. I think it will be great for Babymouse to spend time with you at home for those extra three months. Also the weather will be warmer by then which will be better.

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