Bruno’s (exceedingly tasty) Bakes and Coffee

Macarons (photo by Julian Haler on Flickr). Sadly not Bruno’s, although he does make them!

∗∗∗∗ (out of 5)

I visited Bruno’s Bakes and Coffee last week with a friend, plus Babymouse and my friend’s little son. It was my first visit. I’d heard great things, and I wasn’t disappointed. Sadly, I hadn’t thought of doing a review at the time, so I failed to take any photos, but needless to say the cakes we ate looked as delicious as they tasted – which was very delicious indeed.

I had a slice of Créme Brulée Cake, which was possibly the best cake I’ve ever eaten. It was really, really light, so I didn’t feel like I’d eaten a massive slice of cake at all…tempting to go back for seconds, but I resisted! My friend had a piece of Triple Chocolate Cake, which looked lovely, and apparently tasted great as well. I also has a cup of tea, which was actually (unlike in a surprising number of places) served sensibly – in a mug, with a receptacle for the tea bag, something often lacking and I do find it very annoying when you have to put your tea bag in the saucer and make a mess, or, worse still when you have nowhere to put it at all! So well done to Bruno’s!

…possibly the best cake I’ve ever eaten.

Bruno’s usually has a very tempting display of cake in their pastry display case. Unfortunately, this was broken on the day we visited, but there were menus provided, so all was well. We sat in the back room, which is comfortably furnished with sofas and dining-style chairs – good for space with small children. There is also seating upstairs. The one downside of the place is that there are no toilets – this is due to the fact that the café is in a listed building and they are not allowed to make sufficient alteration to the layout to fit in toilets. Also, there are narrow spaces to negotiate, which may prove a barrier to people in wheelchairs, which is a shame, but something out of the proprietors’ control, unfortunately.

Talking of the proprietors, we met Bruno and Rick (I hope I’ve got his name right, I’m not good with names), both of whom are very friendly, Rick serves at the counter while Bruno bakes his delicious cakes etc. I should have mentioned, there are many cakes on offer, as well as fruit pies/tarts, and the café takes some inspiration from Rick’s American roots, as well as Bruno’s French ones.

In short, a visit to Bruno’s is definitely recommended! You can also visit Bruno’s French Bakes online.

Bruno’s Bakes and Coffee
10 High Street


2 thoughts on “Bruno’s (exceedingly tasty) Bakes and Coffee

  1. Have just checked out the website. Those cakes look amazing 🙂 Also it is interesting because it says they run classes to teach you how to make their tarts, macaroons or any of the cakes on their product list. You wouldn’t think they would want to share their trade secrets :). Also, some very interesting taste combinations. I bet you will be going there regularly now 🙂

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