Shawl of doom no more!

My version of Skipping Stones Simple Shawlette, by Sheryl Giles

I finally finished the shawl (previously of doom)! It turned out OK in the end, although there are lots of mistakes in it, which I’ve tried to hide with darning, or pretending that’s actually how it was supposed to look. I’m going to give it to my mum, who is very forgiving.

Shawl detail

Although I found it a trial to make (mainly due to my ineptitude, partly due to a slightly-unclear-in-places pattern), I definitely learned a lot through making this shawl, and hopefully my next attempt at shawl knitting will be less fraught with problems!


2 thoughts on “Shawl of doom no more!

  1. Hehe, it still makes me laugh for some reason (sorry). Although it does look much better, quite sophisticated in fact. Well done for finishing it.

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