Birth story of the week!

This is just a quick post to say that the story of Babymouse’s birth is this week’s Birth Story Of The Week over at Gas & Air. Thanks to Clemmie for sharing our story on her blog.


2 thoughts on “Birth story of the week!

  1. Aaaah, that is a lovely photo of BabyMouse. She is such a cute baby. I think it is very cathartic to write down your birth story and useful for other Mums too and I think you struck the right balance – telling it how it was but in an upbeat way.

    I had the same problem once of shivering after an anaesthetic. I don’t know what causes it either, maybe a combination of things like the anaesthetic drugs, getting cold, adrenaline etc. I do remember that I felt quite cold before the operation.

    So when I had to have another operation I made sure I was nice and warm before the operation by staying well wrapped up in a thick dressing gown. And I am pleased to say that it seemed to work as I felt fine after the op 🙂

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