What are you waiting for?

I have had this bottle of Molton Brown bubble bath (see below) for almost a year. I got it from my sister-in-law last Christmas (I know, nice sister-in-law), and I only started using it last week. This was mainly because I had loads of other bath stuff to use up, which I got for my last birthday (what to give a pregnant lady with gestational diabetes (i.e. no chocolate) I suppose!). I was saving it to use until I’d used all the other bath stuff, which was going to take me a while because I only bathe once a week. Yes, that’s all, one bath a week and no showers in between. If it was good enough for my elders it’s good enough for me. I don’t known why people think we need to shower/bathe every day. Perhaps some people do…perhaps I do – well, even if I do I’m not going to because we’re trying to save water now we’re on a water metre and I just don’t think more frequent bathing is necessary. Plus, baths take up time I don’t have. On a(nother) side note, I like to have extremely hot baths, so the water’s just uncomfortably hot. I really missed them when I was pregnant.

Anyway, I was thinking about the Molton Brown bath stuff – it kept looking at me when I went into the bathroom – and one day, the week before last I thought ‘ why don’t I just use it? What am I waiting for?’. Well, I suppose, technically, I was waiting to have used all the other bottles of bath stuff, but the point is that I could have waited until I’d used them all only to find that life was too short for me to finally use the Molton Brown stuff. Yes, I’m afraid I have been dwelling on my own mortality recently – not for the first time – I think it’s having to take the ACE-inhibitors. This is probably silly, but it has been getting me down a bit this week, now I’ve actually started to take them. I suspect it is all the mentions of ‘heart failure’ in the leaflets, etc. – I suppose no one is going to expect me to be cheerful about that, but I’m probably (hopefully) being a bit over-pessimistic about the state of my heart.

I think I frown on frivolity a little (as I see it, it’s all a bit subjective). I think it’s how I was brought up, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it can sometimes get in the way of me enjoying life as much as I could do. Perhaps now is the time when I’ll start letting myself off the reins a bit more – not in a mid-life crisis kind of way, just in a ‘being a bit nicer to myself’ way. I’ll see. Don’t expect me to pay for a haircut any time soon, though…

Bath stuff


4 thoughts on “What are you waiting for?

  1. I don’t usually get presents like that either. People tend to buy me books and things.

    I can remember a relative buying me an expensive bubble bath and body lotion set once but I didn’t use it because it looked too pretty sitting on the bathroom shelf to waste it (also, to be honest I am slightly allergic to scented bath products.)

    It came in handy when we were selling the house though – it made the bathroom look good.

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