November was…Novemberish. I can’t really remember a lot of what we did. It was Mr C’s birthday. I think he went out for drinks with work colleagues. Erm…the weather got worse. Mainly, November was full of cold – Mr C, Babymouse and I have all had horrible colds. Fortunately, Babymouse is over hers now apart from an occasional cough, and Mr C is not too bad but I am still bunged up and coughing horribly, especially at night. I think almost everyone I know has had this virus! It’s not very nice. I feel even more tired and lethargic than usual – hence the lateness of this post.

November trees
November trees

Also in November, I started taking the ACE-inhibitors. This has proved more complicated than I expected, as we have to increase the dose gradually (every two weeks), and I have to have a blood test to check that my kidney/liver function is OK after a week of taking each increased dose before I can get the prescription for the increased dose (assuming kidney/liver function OK). It’s been a bit tricky to try and coordinate things so that I don’t have a gap between prescriptions while doctors wait for or act on the blood test results. I thought we’d sorted it out last week, but I forgot about Christmas so I need to speak to the doctor again…

Autumn colours

Babymouse is an expert crawler now and she can pull herself up on furniture/people if she wants to stand up. She’s a bit like a little dog because she follows us round the house and pulls at our trouser legs and sits up and puts her arms up in the air if she wants to be picked up. It’s quite sweet, if not very convenient when I’m trying to make  myself a cup of tea!

Rose in November

In other news, I have done some Christmas shopping and went to the work Christmas do on Friday which was very good, and lovely to see work friends again.


6 thoughts on “Novembered

  1. Hope your cough gets better soon. At least you will all have got that virus out of the way before Christmas. Babymouse sounds sweet following you round. My grandson is exactly at the same stage so I know what it is like.

    I have noticed he is beginning to get a mind of his own now – uh oh! He used to be quite passive and smiley and now he is showing very clear likes and dislikes. Great that you got to see your old friends again at the library.

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