Seeing Each Other in the Candle’s Light


There is a Yiddish folk-tale that tells of a foolish man who gets lost in the woods during Chanukah:

Having hoped to make it back to his home before sundown the man had attempted to take a short cut through the forest, only to find himself utterly lost when night fell. For hours he walked hither and thither, unsure of whether or not he was walking in the right direction, the wrong direction, or simply walking in circles – and above the chattering of the forest’s animals he could not make out any sounds that would point him in the direction of people.

Eventually, but only after thwacking his face against several branches and stepping into a very cold stream, he saw several spots of faint light glowing amongst the trees – and though he lacked the know-how to guide his course by the stars he was confident that where…

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2 thoughts on “Seeing Each Other in the Candle’s Light

  1. That is a beautiful tale. I think when another person does something kind for you it is the most wonderful feeling in the world.

    I can remember the first time I became aware of this was when I was a little girl and another child held his new watch up to my ear so that I could hear it ticking.

    I felt so happy that I felt my skin tingling and I could feel the hairs standing up on the top of my head 🙂

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