World of Noise

World of Noise cover

I got this CD free with a copy of Q magazine in 1995 (issue no. Q104, May 1995). I was 17. I remember playing it constantly, although I often skipped a couple of tracks (Sinead O’Connor, Strangelove). This CD introduced me to such delights as Crowded House, Mazzy Star and Bob Seger, meagre knowledge that was enhanced by listening to Bob Harris’ late night show every Saturday night (but was still pretty poor compared to some of my contemporaries I suspect). Then, at some point, I lost the CD. Probably when I finished university or maybe before I left home – I have a feeling I gave a load of CDs to my brother. Anyway, there are some great songs on it, so I tried to find it and asked my brother if he still had it, to no avail. In the end, I had a look on eBay to see if there was a copy for sale, and indeed there was, for not very much at all, so I bought it.

Here is the track list (is that the right word?):
World of Noise tracks

I still can’t decide what my favourite song on the album is. I think at the time it was probably

or perhaps

or even

depending on what sort of mood I was in.

It’s nice to have the CD ‘back’. I will be adding it to my mp3 player ready for when I go back to work next month. I did my commute for the first time in a while on Tuesday and I was reminded of why a music player is an essential piece of equipment for train journeys (for me, anyway)!


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