January with a vengeance

I can’t really remember what we did in the first three weeks of January…tried to get back into our routines after the Christmas break I suppose. It was actually quite nice to go back to the playgroups and see everyone again. We met up with some friends one Sunday afternoon, which was really good. I went to the doctors a few times to try and sort out my medication (Ramipril). We are still trying to increase the dose, so I’m now taking 5mg per day with no side effects as yet, although I am a bit worried that my blood pressure is going to get too low as it was already quite low last time I had it taken when I was only taking 2.5mg/day. We shall see, I have to go back and have a blood test (to make sure kidney/liver function is OK) and a blood pressure test in 2 weeks. Also, I forgot to say before, I had a bit of a mental bad patch in so I’m now taken double the dose of anti-depressants as well, and things have been better since then apart from the odd blip last week, which was probably due to…


We think Babymouse got the virus from somewhere. She was the first to be ill, followed by me, then Mr C. My lovely mum came to help out as we were all ill, and then she got sick as well! Poor mum! Fortunately, the virus seemed to weaken each time it attacked one of us, so my mum was less sick than everyone else, but poor Babymouse was the most badly affected. She actually got over the virus fairly quickly, but it has left her with a (hopefully temporary) intolerance to lactose, so she can’t take her usual milk and has been prescribed some lactose free ‘milk’ by the GP. Hopefully this will help her bowel to recover and we can gradually re-introduce her usual milk in the next few days. Poor B was very unlike herself last week – she is normally quite active and chirpy, but she was very lethargic and unhappy – basically she was either sleeping, eating or crying. I suppose it’s not really surprising because she was obviously not well and hadn’t been able to eat properly and she’s also teething again (it seems almost continuous) with her molars, which apparently are some of the worst teeth to have to deal with, teething wise. It was quite horrible to see her so unhappy and not know what to do. We do have the luxury of having relations who are doctors, so we did call them, as well as the health visitors, and both were very helpful. I just hope we can reintroduce her milk without any further problems. At least she is eating a lot more ‘proper’ food now and isn’t entirely dependent on milk for sustenance, but it is still the major part of her diet.

This week is my last full week of maternity leave – back to work next Thursday! It’s come round very quickly since we passed the Christmas barrier. I found out last week that they are not replacing the other half of my post, at least in the short term (which I fear means never), so that will be interesting…


Author: Lilian

Librarian who likes music, cataloguing, theology, gardening, crochet, ampersands, taking photos, baking & tea. Has CHD & pacemaker.

4 thoughts on “January with a vengeance”

  1. It sounds as if January has been a tough month. At least you have had Norovirus before you go back to work. Also the weather is improving – it is really sunny today where I live. My Mum used to say that you just had to get January and February out the way and then everything will seem better. I think you cope really well with everything.

    Hope you get this comment. Your new blog layout doesn’t always allow them and when I did comment once it didn’t appear. I ticked the box to get your new posts sent to my email address and this does allow them (which is how I am commenting at the moment.). I noticed that there was a comment made by someone about your cheese sauce but that has disappeared now. So not sure whether you are having teething problems (with the new blog layout as well as
    Babymouse) 🙂 or whether you are wondering whether to allow comments or not.

    Anyway, hope all goes well with going back to work next week. I expect it will be quite hard to leave Babymouse at first, but good for you to work with your old colleagues again and get back to some new intellectual challenges.

    1. Thanks. Sorry you’ve had problems commenting, I didn’t realise it had gone wrong! I’ll have a look and see if there’s anything I can do to make it easier to comment.

    2. I think one can only comment if you actually click on the individual post title, not from the ‘home’ page, if that makes sense. This might be the problem, but let me know if you’ve already tried this.

  2. Yay! I’m glad it is just something to do with the blog technicalities and not that you don’t want comments 🙂

    There is something I have noticed. I use my iPad to look at your posts rather than my husband’s laptop computer. Comparing the two, there is a difference between them. On the laptop you use the trackpad and so when you hover over the title it changes colour (so you know it is clickable) but on the iPad you don’t, so you don’t realise you can click.

    Thank you for investigating it and writing back 🙂

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