Get back to work!

After over a year on mainly maternity leave it was my first day back at work on Thursday. It was…odd. In some ways, I didn’t feel like I’d been away, and in other ways I felt all at sea. I’d forgotten things I thought I’d remember and remembered random things that didn’t really help with anything. My colleagues were all very lovely (as usual) – someone even bought me a large bar of Oreo Dairy Milk to help me through my first day – needless to say it was consumed quite quickly!

It was a bit strange not having Babymouse around, although I must say it was nice to have time to read on the train without interruption, and to actually have a lunch break!

Babymouse is being looked after by my mum, who is travelling lots of miles every week to come and stay with us for the days that I work. Both baby and grandma seem to be coping OK, although it has only been 1.5 days. Babymouse was a bit overexcited when I got home on Thursday, especially as Mr C wasn’t there either and she had a late tea – she was very hyperactive and didn’t want to go to sleep at all! She finally went to sleep at about 10.45 pm, which is very late for her. My mum managed to get her to sleep by making her (Babymouse’s) toy TARDIS (yes, we are starting her young!) make the TARDIS noise and flash its light. I have no idea why this worked, but I’m glad it did!

I’ve just finished reading The Taxidermist’s Daughter, by Kate Mosse, which was quite heavy for a commuting book, but a good page-turner, if a little “eugh!” in places.


One thought on “Get back to work!

  1. It’s great that all went well with your return to work. I’m sure you’ll remember things after a while. After all you’ve spent a whole year thinking about something completely different. I bet it is a luxury being able to have a bit of time to read without thinking you’re going to be interrupted all the time.

    It’s funny that Babymouse was soothed by the sound of the Tardis flashing and making a noise 🙂

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