Babymouse goes to Glasgow

At the end of March, we went to Glasgow for Mr C’s brother’s wedding. It was a lovely wedding, and a good time was had by all. Babymouse undertook her first journey on an aeroplane. She was all right on the way there, as she was asleep for most of the way, but on the way back she got a bit fed up of being strapped onto Mr C in a chair and I think her ears hurt during the descent. Otherwise, she had a lovely weekend being picked up and carried about and played with by various members of the extended clan.

I do like Glasgow. It reminds me of Wales – possibly because it was extremely rainy when we were there, apart from, fortunately, the day of the wedding, when sunshine streamed in through the stained glass in the front windows of the Glasgow Art Club. I’m afraid I don’t have any pictures of the wedding itself, but here are a few around Glasgow (taken on my phone – I managed to forget to take any other kind of camera and ended up using a disposable film camera for photos at the wedding, which made it look like we were almost in darkness!). Anyway…

Easter eggs
Marvel Easter eggs at the No. 1 Chocolate Factory
Glasgow in the rain
Glasgow in the rain, from near the School of Art
Glasgow School of Art + model
Glasgow School of Art + model. I tried to get the model in to show what it should be like when not hidden under scaffolding (because of the fire, poor GSA). The model is in the building across the road.
Kellenberger-White exhibition at the Glasgow School of Art
Kellenberger-White exhibition at the Glasgow School of Art
On the plane home
On the plane home

2 thoughts on “Babymouse goes to Glasgow

  1. I bet that was a fantastic wedding. It must have been a wonderful place to get married with the added bonus that it was very interesting for the guests as well. Babymouse is so cute and looks as if she is having a good time as well!

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