Singing makes me happy

I hadn’t been to Other Choir (as opposed to Choir) for absolutely ages. I gave it up for a while because I didn’t enjoy it anymore and then I was on maternity leave, but now I can (thanks to the generosity of my mum and husband who look after B while I’m not there) go to rehearsals again. There is a new (to me) conductor and I’d heard good things from library colleagues who also belong to the choir. They weren’t wrong! We sang two songs I really like, Linden Lea and Down to the River to Pray and they were mostly right in the middle of my range – notes I can actually sing! Hooray! Also, there are lovely harmonies in both pieces. Singing is definitely one of the things that makes me happiest, but I’m glad I didn’t actually cry with joy otherwise it might have been a bit embarrassing…


3 thoughts on “Singing makes me happy

  1. what an uplifting post about singing! I think singing, in a choir, is a wonderful gift to give yourself. Your post reminded me of a video I saw last month by the brilliant John Rutter- you should watch it! It is lovely!

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